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We mobilize our team, our relationships, and trusted resources to serve you with both highly creative and extremely efficient media delivery.


At our core, we’re media experts. This extends beyond the traditional definition of exclusively planning and buying media. Conquer considers how the various components of our work influences each stage of your conceptual funnel. We think big picture strategy, then follow by framing a media architecture built for high-performance at the tactical level. We’re best when we bring our full force to your planning table. Thank you for saving us a seat.

  • Brand Integrations
  • Earned Media Evaluation
  • Reciprocal Programs with Media Partners
  • Co-Branded Reciprocal Media Programs
  • Targeting Methodology
  • Predictive Budget Modeling
  • Brand & Sales Effect Studies
  • Proven Ad Format + Messaging Recommendations
  • Competitive Ad Spend Data & Insights
  • Media Auditing
  • Buying Leverage
  • Media Vendor Vetting & Stewardship
  • Long-Vision Strategic Media Plans
  • Direct-Response & Lead Generation Programs


Each component of our brand focuses on impact and action. We’re activators. This means engaging and moving individuals through meaningful connections. That movement manifests in many ways whether taking place in the heart, mind, or purchase behavior of individuals. Conquer plans all categories of media. Conquer buys all categories of media. Most of all, Conquer moves people through media—in your direction.


“Connected” digital media distributed via internet-connection across all devices.

  • Programmatic “automated ad buying”
  • Addressable TV
  • Over-the-top TV providers: Hulu, Sling
  • Streaming Video: YouTube, Roku, Xbox
  • E-Commerce: Amazon Media Group, Google Shopping
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snap
  • Paid Search & Display
  • Internet Radio: Pandora, Spotify


“Traditional” media not reliant on the internet.

  • TV: National and Regional Cable / Broadcast
  • Radio: Terrestrial & Satellite Radio
  • Out-of-Home: Billboards, Transit, In-Store [static or digital]
  • Print: Newspaper + Magazine
  • Experiential


We’re big thinkers with Big (and small) Data at our fingertips. Our media plans are often described as bold, game-changing, and innovative. But don’t paint us as whimsical risk-takers. Our adept handling and interpretation of the data is the driving force that cracks the code of major insights. These interpretations lead to clear, calculated, and measurable recommendations – which is big for you.

  • AI powered marketing intelligence & campaign insights
  • Integrated dashboards & engines
  • Data visualization
  • KPI development
  • Centralized KPI reporting and optimizations
  • Cross-channel media attribution
  • Predictive modeling
  • Major data sources
  • Claritas mapping
  • Competitive spending sources: i.e. Kantar