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Brent Barbee


GiANT Personality Type: Connector
Clifton Strengths: Ideation, Individualization, Maximizer, Futuristic, Activator

Brent is fascinated by what fascinates people. He naturally tunes in and figures out what people are saying, thinking about, and of course how they’re communicating. Brent is wired to carefully examine and connect the behaviors, interests, talents, skills, knowledge, and goals of individuals to new opportunities. Connect with Brent (it’ll make his day).

Kelly Wiltfong

Media Supervisor

GiANT Personality Type: Nurturer
Clifton Strengths: Arranger, Includer, Strategic, Positivity, Responsibility

Kelly was born a team player, with super-powered relational sensors. If she’s not feeling it, chances are it’s wrong. Coordinating an intense level of activities, schedules and resources simultaneously is her specialty. In college, Kelly served the role of libero as a D1 volleyball player. The libero was added in the 90s to make the game more exciting for players and spectators. Exactly.

Sara Lewis

Media Supervisor

GiANT Personality Type: Nurturer
Clifton Strengths: Analytical, Achiever, Communication, Harmony, Arranger

Sit down. Tell Sara your problems. She is innately suited to solve them, simple or complex. Sara, has a practical, matter-of-fact, but friendly approach to problem-solving that has earned her the nickname “Velvet Hammer.” Armed with facts, logic, mad skills, and years of experience, Sara delivers a solution before the problem even knows what hit it.

Ashley Karim-Kincey

Media Supervisor

GiANT Personality Type: Nurturer
Clifton Strengths: Responsibility, Positivity, Communication, Empathy, Achiever

Challenging tasks don’t elude Ashley. No stone goes unturned. People naturally depend on Ashley to cross the finish line fast and accurately. And to Ashley no distance is too far to do what is right. Even leaving west coast agency life for the ATL. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Gnarly.

Evann Bishop

Senior Media Planner + Buyer

GiANT Personality Type: Guardian
Clifton Strengths: Belief, Responsibility, Communication, Achiever, Maximizer

Give Evann something to believe in and hold on tight, she’s not waiting around. Evann is sold-out to those she serves and their contentment, peace, and overall well-being. You can’t buy that, you must earn it. But, she can buy the right media mix and earn great results. Trust her in this.

Taylor Wilson

Media Planner + Buyer

GiANT Personality Type: Nurturer
Clifton Strengths: Includer, Arranger, Positivity, Adaptability, Responsibility

Spontaneity and inclusion come naturally for Taylor. Like cutting the cord on her cable subscription, documenting life in a Snap, or calling an emergency happy hour to keep everyone connected. From the start, meeting Taylor means she’s sizing you up to put your strengths, interests and goals into action. Like now. For real.

Lauren Moorehead

Media Planner + Buyer

GiANT Personality Type: Nurturer
Clifton Strengths: Harmony, Relator, Responsibility, Arranger, Individualization

Lauren has a place for everything and keeps everything in its place. That goes for work and life. Not surprisingly, there’s no strife, conflict, unfinished business or dashed client dreams laying around her desk. Some describe the rapidly expanding media world as chaos. Not Lauren. It’s her happy place to tame.

Cassidy Sauls

Media Planner + Buyer

GiANT Personality Type: Connector
Clifton Strengths: Context, Individualization, Woo, Adaptability, Activator
Cassidy doesn’t dwell on the past, she actually studies it to make the future even brighter. Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, Cassidy is there to prove you wrong with a strong optimization or a big idea that expands the horizon of the next plan. Her knack for building up plans and people has earned her the name “C-Sauls”, never letting things stay down for long.

Courtney Black

Assistant Media Planner + Buyer

GiANT Personality Type: Creative
Clifton Strengths: Positivity, Woo, Adaptability, Developer, Communication

Courtney’s glass spills over with energy and optimism. And it’s always full. Some celebrate the big things. Courtney celebrates everything. From completing an annual media plan to entering her hours into agency software. Freaky. With Courtney, work is fun. She won’t allow it any other way. We see a list of plans and want them painted Black.

Jason Stone

Director of Development

GiANT Personality Type: Connector
Clifton Strengths: Achiever, Woo, Communication, Positivity, Input

It’s like Jason wears a special pair of goggles which allow him to see potential in everything. A buried lie in sand could be struck perfectly to save par. Why not? No matter the circumstances, Jason sees every situation and individual as a work in progress, alive with possibilities. If you’re feeling a bit invisible today, call Jason. You got this!

Katie Lucius

Executive Assistant

GiANT Personality Type: Connector
Clifton Strengths: Adaptability, Responsibility, Restorative, Strategic, Positivity

Katie loves it when a plan comes together. Or falls apart. Revising, repairing, remodeling, upgrading, optimizing, are all methods to her not-so-mad madness. Why the rush? Relax. Are you sweating? KK (“Kalm Katie”) remains chill and helps keep a cool pace for Conquer. She would run marathons if they weren’t so short and predictable.

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